Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Main Idea

I just finished reading this Abraham Hicks recording, just to make sure I got the concepts down. To save you the trouble of buying and going through all those material, here's the basic concept.

1. Law of Attraction is absolute. It means like attracts like, thus if you whatever you contemplate - good or bad, is attracted to you.

2. The universe only responds to thoughts and images, so all you have to do is think/visualize what you want, and it will be attracted/brought to you.

3. Thoughts without emotion though has no power. E
motion is the communication system of the non-physical. Positive emotion means you’re in line with your inner being, while negative emotion means you’re disconnected. To make your visualization effective, it has to be accompanied with good feelings. Intending something without emotion doesn’t have attraction power.

4. "Good feelings" means feeling happy, excited, grateful, etc. It is important to put onself in a state of feeling good before and during visualization as this is the magic ingredient that will trigger the Law of Attraction in a powerful way.

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