Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Secret

I just finished watching The Secret DVD and listening to its audio book. I'm at a point in my life where I am in need of a job, money and a happy life in general. I'm going to try giving this a go as I can't possibly come off worse than where I am now.

From the time it's been released, The Secret has gained many believers, and also many haters. It even came out on Oprah and magazines from Newsweek to Good Housekeeping had written articles about it. But the truth is in the pudding. I hope if there are any of you out there who have or are also trying it out, would join me in this life changing journey - that is, if it works.

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BeccaGirl said...

I have heard much about 'The Secret' but I personally believe it's main flaw is the part where it tries to make you believe good things happen just because you can think them up. Oh and also that you are the center of it all.
I happen to believe that God is the only way to any happiness in this world because we are flawed by sin and the system of this world is corrupt as well. So many people place all the importance on what happens here in this life but in reality, this life is just a drop in the bucket compared to eternity! What you do here is only important with regards to your beliefs in what happens after this life...not whether or not you own 5 cars and 2 acres and 2.5 kids and a dog. Today's society is 'me-me-me' centered and therefore people don't see the need to look for strength from outside of themselves. God is all knowing, all powerful and worthy of all praise. There's no prejudice in the choosing of who is loved by God because he sent his Son for whoever will believe! The Bible: a rich source of history, love stories, war stories, hope, salvation and a road map to the events in our future!
I hope you can consider all this on your journey. We are divinely created in uniqueness! What a marvelous light He has provided to take away our fears and doubt. His desire is that we are all one happy family according to His will. But you have to be willing to seek His will and not your own. God doesn't have a plan B. He set in motion His plan and all we have to do is get on board, so to speak! :-) Let me know how your journey goes. Thanks for stopping by my blog!